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The Joys Of Making Out

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I like to kiss people and I know you like to do it too. After all, making out is one of the greatest joys one can have in life. You can kiss anyone really. You can meet a stranger and start to kiss them immediately. In fact, it happens all the time with drunk people in nightclubs. They see someone they find attractive on the dance floor and think to themselves, “I must feel that person’s tongue and face. Right. Now.” And so they do. They do it in front of everyone. They eat their face and then leave it decaying on the dance floor. We think we don’t owe someone anything when we only kiss them. It’s the stuff that comes later that truly complicates things. This is actually not very true. You owe someone something the second you lock eyes with them.

The thing is that making out…

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11 Signs You’re Just In Love With The Idea Of Love

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1. You believe your life will begin once you have the love of your life. You believe in happily ever after in the way that you think once you find that special someone you will feel fulfilled, content and joyous every day. Love is fulfilling, contentment and joyousness, but it is certainly not guaranteed to always be that.

2. You’re dreaming of your wedding and the life you’ll have with someone, and you’re just looking for someone to fit into that role, not the other way around. You are fixated on what the relationship can do for you, not what you can give to it. We get into muddy waters when it comes to making checklists for what our significant others should and shouldn’t be. More often than not, it leaves us completely unfulfilled, disappointed or heartbroken, and the other person with a serious inferiority complex.

3. You know you…

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5 Kinds Of Love You Will Experience In Your Life

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1. The Love That Would Remind You How Simple It Is To Feel.

The kind of love that would take you back to a boy in your high school halls and how you quietly gush about how cute he is when he smiles and how you write creepy entries on your diary that one day he might drive you home and you’ll get your happy ending. Believe me, this is the purest and the best kind of affection there is.

2. The Love That Changed You.

We can always look back to that one person whose love was either too good or too bad for us that it changed us. They could have showed us how dark abyss could be turned into a whimsical garden or they could have rocked the solid walls that guarded our petty hearts and we crumbled instantly to their feet. And like rubble, they left…

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9 Ways To Love A Woman

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1. Disregard her womanhood as anything other than a choice of identity, not something that defines her any way she doesn’t decide it does. Realize that she does not have to conform to conventions of feminism if she doesn’t choose to, and learn to accept the gender continuum as being more than just polar.

2. Ask for consent before you do anything to her body. Someone recently told me that they ask a woman’s permission before they do anything and I found that overwhelmingly foreign and refreshing and I realized that society’s norms are skewed and generally rooted in the idea that if one wants to touch someone for their own pleasure or purposes, the recipient of that attention will want it.

3. Completely resign any preconceptions you had about the female form, and what it should or shouldn’t look like. Learn to love her for who she is and…

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7 Things To Remember When You’re Falling In Love

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1. It should not come at the cost of your other relationships.

There is always a certain isolation involved in falling in love. The two of you have this ~amazing connection that no one else can understand~, and there is going to be that unhealthy-but-inevitable thought that goes through your head about “Why am I even bothering with friends or family or coworkers or going outside or eating, when I could just be cuddling in bed with the love of my life every second of every day?” But a good love is one that encourages you to take all of the warm fuzzies you are stocking up in your heart, and sprinkle them all over the other people in your life who are deserving of your love.

2. It doesn’t automatically mean that the other person feels the same way.

That’s the thing about falling — you’re just kind of…

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21 Things You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About

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1. Moving to a new city for a job prospect that you really want to pursue, even if that means you’re going to have to leave a lot behind (and you might encounter the occasional “You think you’re too good for us?”).

2. Deleting people off of Facebook who are constantly spouting off political or social stuff that makes you extremely upset, or feel personally attacked.

3. Defending your positions against something that someone said on social media, even if people will tell you that it’s “not worth it” to get into a debate on the internet.

4. Spending what others might perceive to be “a lot” of money on something that you’ve been working hard and saving up for.

5. Leaving your job to work one that makes you happy. Just because not everyone can find a job right now does not mean that you are obligated to stay…

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21 Signs You Love Food More Than People

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21 Signs You Love Food More Than People

1. You don’t hold the door open for others when entering restaurants because that would just be another person getting served before you. Real talk, everyone should anticipate having to open Chipotle’s doors for themselves – all courteousness gets you is a lengthier wait for your burrito bowl.

2. When people crack open a fortune cookie strictly to read their kind words aloud, you don’t care to hear and just sit there like, are you going to eat that though?

3. You eat the middle of the plate nachos relentlessly. Everyone knows the center chips tend to have heaps of cheese, meat and other deliciousness piled on ‘em, and you  deal with those topping drenched nachos exclusively, leaving plain tortilla chips for everyone else.

4. Your Instagram and social network photo albums are littered with more pictures of your lunches and dinners than friends and family. Your niece is cute and…

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5 Ways To Pick The Right One

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1. Marry someone nicer than you.

If you’re a narcissistic a-hole like most people, pick a fish with a better attitude than you. If you’re a self-involved pessimist (who isn’t?) get yourself a good-looking optimist who is also a good swimmer. If you’re a pretty decent person, despite the habit of picking fights when you’re drunk and a mountain of student loans, marry someone with no debt who still loves you when you regain consciousness in the morning. Marry someone who likes animals and is nice to kids, even if you’re not particularly fond of cats or kids. Marry someone who likes your family even if you’re family is messed up. Marry someone who makes you coffee and kisses your neck to wake you up in the morning. Marry someone kind, and who will be kind to you ad infinitum.

2. Marry someone interesting.

If you are not going to…

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15 Text Messages You Wish You’d Get

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1. Hey, I’m sorry about that effed up thing I did a zillion years ago. It really was all my fault. – Former friend

2. Hi, sweetie! For no reason at all, we’re putting a bunch of money in your bank account. Go wild! – Your parents

3. Ur right. I treated you terribly & acted like a total dick. Can I make it up to u? – Your ex

4. Get down here! A beer truck exploded and there’s free beer sprouting up into the streets like Old Faithful. BYO cup! – Your friend

5. Hey class! Mass text to let you know the final is cancelled. You all get A’s for showing up because showing up is 99 percent of the work. Have a great break! – Your professor

6. Saw this funny sign and thought of you! [embedded photo]. Free at all this week for coffee? –…

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