8 Ways I’ll Love You

Thought Catalog

I’ll love you passionately. I’ll constantly crave your skin in my mouth and your taste on my teeth and your sweat on my tongue. I’ll become addicted to your weight and victim to your movements and will chase the fleeting levels of pleasure only your body can send me. I will unzip my reservations and remove my insecurities and give you every curved and smooth and tattooed piece of me.

I’ll love you intellectually. I’ll constantly crave your envisioned thoughts and your tactful words and your decisive beliefs. I’ll genuinely question and intently listen and silently trace the patterns of your seductive mind. I’ll spill my deepest cognizance into your ears and fill you with every deep and thoughtful and studied part of me.

I’ll love you secretly. I’ll constantly crave your stolen glances and your flirtatious smirks and your fleeting frame. I’ll keep words of desire and need and…

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