When It Comes To Letting Go

Thought Catalog

It’s happened, it can’t unhappen, you have failed.  You tried to put the finishing touches on something with no foundation and now, without perfection, you are bruised after the avalanche.  The muscles are stiff, the bones are raw.  Your skin blisters, move on.

But you are stuck in limbo.  When it comes to letting go you fight with your future, you try to convince destiny that this person needs to be present, around always.  You should know better, you know all the wise words.  There are billions around you, billions . . . they’re not all taken, not all spoken for . . . surely there’s someone else out there who could love you for a moment, a long enough moment.

But you’re so tired, tired of this searching, you don’t even know what you’re searching for! All you know is that forcing yourself to give up on that…

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