The Secret Keeper

Thought Catalog

“If you could just hold on to this for me,” is what you so gently asked that windy day back in July when the sun and the moon graced the sky simultaneously for some time. The sky held the sun and the moon so beautifully as it sat in neither day nor night. No one wanted to go inside, except for you that is. “You see, I have a lot of baggage, and I just don’t know where to put it all.”

I tried telling you that there was not enough space for your things, that I was already full to capacity. “Just a couple more things can’t hurt,” you kept saying. But you shouldn’t have been the one to decide that. You knew that then, didn’t you? But you didn’t care. “Please,” you begged. Red veins, etched with stress and sadness, filled your eyes. You were lost; and my…

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