When Love Fails

Thought Catalog

I don’t think it is possible for love to fail.

I think that love in this world is always an achievement and when it ends, it just means that a victory lap can only go on for so long. We don’t think less of the skill of Spain’s football team just because next year they’ll no longer be the reigning World Cup champions. Well, they could win again, but it has no bearing, really, on whether 2010 was a good year for them.

Things don’t have to last forever as a prerequisite to them being worthwhile.

Love is difficult. Love involves two people with their own sets of desires, priorities and baggage. No one should feel bad that the default setting of competing egos isn’t harmony. I played hockey in high school, which I was terrible at. But I loved it so much. Getting accolades or succeeding at something is…

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