21 Signs You Love Food More Than People

Thought Catalog

21 Signs You Love Food More Than People

1. You don’t hold the door open for others when entering restaurants because that would just be another person getting served before you. Real talk, everyone should anticipate having to open Chipotle’s doors for themselves – all courteousness gets you is a lengthier wait for your burrito bowl.

2. When people crack open a fortune cookie strictly to read their kind words aloud, you don’t care to hear and just sit there like, are you going to eat that though?

3. You eat the middle of the plate nachos relentlessly. Everyone knows the center chips tend to have heaps of cheese, meat and other deliciousness piled on ‘em, and you  deal with those topping drenched nachos exclusively, leaving plain tortilla chips for everyone else.

4. Your Instagram and social network photo albums are littered with more pictures of your lunches and dinners than friends and family. Your niece is cute and…

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