11 Signs You’re Just In Love With The Idea Of Love

Thought Catalog

1. You believe your life will begin once you have the love of your life. You believe in happily ever after in the way that you think once you find that special someone you will feel fulfilled, content and joyous every day. Love is fulfilling, contentment and joyousness, but it is certainly not guaranteed to always be that.

2. You’re dreaming of your wedding and the life you’ll have with someone, and you’re just looking for someone to fit into that role, not the other way around. You are fixated on what the relationship can do for you, not what you can give to it. We get into muddy waters when it comes to making checklists for what our significant others should and shouldn’t be. More often than not, it leaves us completely unfulfilled, disappointed or heartbroken, and the other person with a serious inferiority complex.

3. You know you…

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