22 Reasons He Wasn’t The Right Guy For You

Thought Catalog

1. If you’re honest with yourself, you made huge leaps and bounds to justify your attraction to him — both his physical looks and his personality.

2. He hated everything you loved including your friends and family.

3. He had no future ambitions/plans for his life.

4. He had numerous future ambitions/plans for his life – none of which included you.

5. You want to travel the world. He wants to stay in the same 10-block radius forever. Or vice versa.

6. HE WAS ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP! (Slap yourself twice for even getting involved in the first place.)

7. He told you that he was looking for someone who would stay at home and ensure that dinner was made at 7:22 P.M on the dot every day. You weren’t down with that.

8. You want to stay at home and raise kids, he laughed and told you that’ll never…

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