5 Things That Will Make Any Normal Person Go Insane

Thought Catalog

1. Having a crush on someone

I don’t know how people get others to fall in love with them because whenever I have a crush on someone, I am an absolute idiot. I am the worst possible version of myself. I wish at certain points I could just whisper into my crush’s ear and be like, “Please just stick around. I swear I get better. Hold on just one more second!” I can’t tell someone a joke, be funny or interesting because all my brain power is going towards falling in love with them. There’s, like, no room left to be charming. Meanwhile, if I DON’T like someone, I’m on top of my game because there’s no pressure. Why is it always like this? On top of behaving like a fool, you’re also constantly suffering from analysis paralysis and reading into every little thing your crush is doing. “He said he…

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